A trip around Europe

A taste of Gelato in Florence 在佛罗伦萨尝尝冰激凌

I’m studying in UK and as almost every Chinese student I didn’t want to miss the chance to travel around Europe.

Europe is covering about 10,180,000 square kilometres while China is covering approximately 9.6 million square kilometres. In this way, traveling in Europe is kind of like traveling in my motherland. However if we want to go to Europe again when we are back in China, it won’t be easy because of the long flight (more than ten hours) and other troublesome stuff. Plus, the beautiful sceneries I saw a lot in pictures or postcards came finally true, really can’t resist.

The trip was from the port of Dover, the usual way to go to France, then across Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Vatican, Switzerland and back to France. It cost 14 days which was not very long for eight countries. So the desire to taste Europe is still there, make me want to pay more visits. I am planing to go to Greece in June and Spain in July.

I don’t know what Europe means for english people, for chinese, it means fresh air, clean streets, small but adorable alleys and a lot of cafes. We saw Europe from movies, read it from books, hear it from musics and it’s like a continent that everyone wants to visit. Yes China is suffering from pollution these days due to the rapid development of economy, but I have a faith that the environment will get better. Among the eight countries, I liked Italy the most, probably because of the comfortable weather, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, and the food of course. I didn’t go to Sicily which is a pity, it seems to be a pleasant place.

Camera lenses are a person’s the eyes to see the world, and the photos represent his/her angles and moods. Here are some photos I took, hope you like them.







the Seine  塞纳河

On the top of the Duomo del Milano 在米兰大教堂的顶上

Holiday in Rome 罗马假日



by Yaocong Fan 樊耀聪


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