About Le Standart


Le Story

About Le Standart: Le Standart was born in the early spring of 2012 as a glocal non-profit initiative among a group of
strangers and graduates around the world, as a way for us and other people to continue to develop
within our interest areas. Our team was brought together through a snowball effect, one member leading to another until our group emerged as one. Le Standart told its first story 1 November 2012 at the official launch and has ever since accumulated a dynamic and steadily growing global movement.

Le Blog

Le Standart as a concept is about inspiring, illuminating and celebrating multicultural stories. New or old,
these are stories that have somehow stood out, shaped and moved us as part of our vibrant lifestyles.
Honest stories – that we believe are of global value. Through Le Standart we hope to unite differences to
find similarities. Our mission is to be a glocally relevant and accessible explorer, challenger and storyteller
in more than seven different languages, focused on our topics on emerging and established lifestyles,
arts, music, design, destinations and cultures.

Le Community

You can follow our movement via any of our social channels. As a content-driven platform and
community Le Standart exists for you to take part in idea sharing, be challenged (or challenge in return!)
and be trusted as a proactive, refreshing and credible force to shape the developments within our areas.
Our fundamental values are based on: believing, coming together, being honest, open and passionate
and most of all our unlimited curiosity and desire to develop.

Our community is constantly growing and so far we have done some interesting collaborations with
various writers, artists and brands. Do you feel inspired to take part or feel the lust of voicing your
creativity? Throw an inbox at one of our team members and we will be happy to elaborate on your ideas!
If you feel hesitant of going public with your creative arts, there is also the possibility of staying
anonymous when writing your post.