Dubrovnik (part 1)

Strange. When you love something so much, and then you leave it, and feel happier than ever before. You’re scared of admitting it to yourself. Can this be true, can it be real? Can the thing you thought was meant to be for you turn out something absolutely different?


Cudno. Kada volis nesto toliko puno, pa se odmaknes i shvatis da si jos sretniji nego sto si ikada bio. Bojis se samom sebi priznati. Jel ovo istina? Jel ovo moguce? Moze li ono sto si mislio da je stvoreno za tebe biti nesto apsolutno drugacije?

Perceptive. Detailed. Impatient. Curious. Eager. Believer. Leo. marija@lestandart.com

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