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So, I happen to love going to the movies and I’ve been doing my short list of which ones are my next must sees. Naturally,  I’m going to share it with you so stay tuned.

Don’t we all love each chance we get to sink down in our sofas in front of an enchanting drama, a moment of extra laughs or an exciting thriller! Or even better being spontaneous and running off to the next opening movie and experiencing joint excitement  for a little while. I know I do! Last movie, a great one, that I went to the experience ended with an applauding audience and that wonderful moment where people can’t stop talking about those “I loved how she…It was so moving that scene when…”, you know those moments where you can see that people are still living the movie. The movie was “The Intouchables” (2011). People were laughing out loud, some were even wiping away a tear or two.

Here is my short list with room for only some of the movies that I want to escape with in the coming months or in some case during this year (2013) while finishing up the post-production:

“Life of Pi”. Some would call it stupid (perhaps like choosing a bottle of wine based on its packaging), but just after a second or so of the trailer (just like Eat Pray Love or Avatar) I wanted to see this movie mostly due to the magnificent use of visuals and imaginative “magical environments”. Sure the story seems, perhaps rather odd, but quite interesting and it’s based on a bestselling novel said to be playing in its own league. I have never seen a movie in 3D so here’s my chance! Also, unknown actors with superb acting skills is said to be available in this one. Playing at the cinemas right now, so why don’t you hit right over there and have a look, if you are tempted by this trailer! Also said to be a hot candidate for an Oscar.

“Anna Karenina”. Oh, I have waited a long time for the premiere of this one! The masterpiece story, brilliant actors, costumes, drama with a big D, love story filled with history, tragic and beautiful music. Cannot wait! My favorites Keira Knightley and Jude Law are playing the main characters with great supporting actors like Emily Watson, Olivia Williams, Aaron Johnson and two Swedish actors Alicia Vikander and Bill Skarsgård. Up here in the north Anna Karenina will be opening in Sweden 15.2.2013 and in Finland 11.1.2013.

“Les Misérables”. The lead Anne Hathaway has been well-spoken of for the upcoming Oscar’s for her performance in this spectacular movie that is an absolute classic that has now been turned into a blockbuster. Despite the big talks, I’m very excited about this movie, not only for the totally captivating story and breathtaking music, now also for all the great actors playing a part of the new interpretation. Anne is said to be playing the role of her life and the hot potato in the discussions around the Oscar’s is that it would be a scandal if her nomination is not obvious. It’s a musical, a strong and dramatic one, the story is one of a kind and from what I’ve heard so far people have loved it (the lucky ones that have already seen it). An absolute must, if not for the story itself, then as a boost of your cultural sense and knowledge! (I’m not promising a success, but, it’s seems like with these kinds of high-quality ingredients it is difficult to make anything less). Will be released 22.2.2013 in Finland and 18.1.2013 in Sweden. AND, to your surprise (at least mine!) I can say that Sacha Baron Cohen is part of the casting crew…

“The Impossible”. We all remember what happened back in 2004 and the awful tsunami hitting Southeast Asia. Just like previous catastrophe cases, this one too became a blockbuster movie starring the talented Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor. In Finland the Impossible is already showing at the theaters, but in Sweden it will be opening 8.3.2013.

“Rust and Bone”. After La Vie En Rose I was totally taken by Marion Cotillard’s performance (not to mention the movie itself). This is her next movie, finally said to be one that does her justice (compared to her previous roles). Like most dramas, it is said to be quite a tragic one and a strong story of a woman’s fight with uncertain love, the obstacles life throughs at us and finding a way to manage. Marion plays a woman facing a life changing event when she becomes a victim of a terrible accident. See it, it is supposed to be a powerful story with Marion doing the next big role of her life! Matthias Schoenaerts is playing the man she falls in love with, with big problems of his own. On theaters now in Sweden.

“Diana”. In post-production now, the release date of this movie is yet to be told for the Nordics but some time during 2013. Naomi Watts got the privilege and big challenge of acting as Lady Di in this upcoming movie about her life. Also a tragic one, but covering the life of a timeless icon- so definitely a must-see. Will be interesting!


Here’s also two additional tips I have for you:

“Like Crazy”. A bit of an underdog, but a great one. Loved this movie. Crazy beautiful and real story captured from an alternative perspective. You just have to see it. Available on DVD now. Looooved the soundtrack “Can’t stop falling in love with you” by Ingrid Michaelson.

“Liz and Dick”. She may be a scandalous woman miss Lindsay Lohan, but this TV movie (2012) covers the romance between the icon Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Want-to-see!


En kort översättning på svenska:

Jag vill tipsa er om alla bra filmer som redan har eller som kommer att komma i år och har skrivit ihop en liten lista med ovanstående trailers som ni kan ta er en titt på innan ni besöker biosalongen/videobutiken nästa gång! Personligen älskar jag draman varför det högst sannolikt finns en snedvridning i urvalet av filmer, men just nu finns det så många bra på kommande att de helt enkelt inte går att se förbi! Klicka på länkarna ovan, alternativt vill jag tipsa om en fin sajt,, som skriver och hela tiden uppdaterar sina recensioner och filmartiklar. Bra sajt som jag har följt länge och som jag definitivt tycker är värd åtminstone ett besök om du är filmintresserad eller inte kan bestämma dig därute i videobutiken/på väg till bion!

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