Make it count.

And you wait, keep waiting for that one thing
which would infinitely enrich your life:
the powerful, uniquely uncommon,
the awakening of dormant stones,
depths that would reveal you to yourself.

In the dusk you notice the book shelves
with their volumes in gold and in brown;
and you think of far lands you journeyed,
of pictures and of shimmering gowns
worn by women you conquered and lost.

And it comes to you all of a sudden:
That was it! And you arise, for you are
aware of a year in your distant past
with its fears and events and prayers.

- Rainer Maria Rilke
(Translated by Albert Ernest Flemming)

Dreams feel very real while we’re in them.
It’s only when we wake up that we realize
something was actually strange.

- Inception

Min största rädsla är Tiden.
Balansen mellan det okontrollerbara
och det kontrollerbara.

This is the first part of the story, about time.
How we can, yet cannot control it.
Next (post) will be about our desires.
The unravelled race with ourselves from wanting it all.
Last will be about reality, about the sacrifices
We are willing to pay
To get what is worth having.
The sum of it all will give you
The power of a great story.


Det sägs att varje bra berättelse hände
när någon bestämde sig för att inte ge upp
utan att fortsätta kämpa,
oavsett vad.

You’ll know why I picked this song soon.
Listen. And listen again.
You hear it now?
This song gets it, every single piece of it gets it.
It makes me think. And think again.


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